West Sierra de Gata

West Sierra de Gata

La Sierra de Gata lies in the north west corner of Extremadura, close to the Portuguese Border. About 600 meters above sea-level, there always seems to be a gentle breeze during the summer, which makes for pleasant evening drinks and suppers on the terrace. For most of the year, the whole area is very green and lush as it gets a little more rain than many other parts, but the climate is still very mild, even in the depths of winter.

The area has very little industry and consists mainly of small villages, some perched halfway up a hill, often with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside.

The countryside itself is incredibly beautiful and fertile, with an enormous range of wildlife and vegetation, abounding in indigenous oak and beech trees. The whole area has an abundant water supply, ranging from springs and tiny streams which swell when it rains, to large lakes and reservoirs, which in turn supply summer entertainment as official natural swimming pools.

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