Las Vegas Altas

Las Vegas Altas

Las Vegas Altas del Guadiana – the high plains of the river Guadiana – is about an hour south of Trujillo, and lies roughly 350 meters above sea level in a land of low mountains and flooded valleys along the route of the Guadiana River.

The river and tributaries have been dammed in several places and form a network of huge lakes which provide irrigation to a vast area of nearby land via a network of canals.

The lakes provide a haven for birdlife and wildlife and the area has been designated a protected area under the United Nations REMSA convention. Whilst retaining the protection of wildlife habitats the sheer size of the lakes also provides ample opportunity for the pursuit of leisure including swimming, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving and, of course, fishing.

Described as being like the English Lake District but without the tourists or the rain, this is one of the most beautiful and scenic parts of Extremadura. With one or two larger towns and a whole host of small pretty villages there is something here for everyone who appreciates a slow pace of life surrounded by natural beauty.

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